Our authorized third-party purchase platforms and their warranty coverage

Brightech is expanding rapidly and we have been partnering with exciting retailers and partners. Even if you didn't purchase on www.brightech.com, as long as you purchased through our partners, you are eligible for our 3-year warranty coverage!

See below for a partial list of our external sales channels

Amazon.com = Sellers: Brightech USA, Refurbished Lighting

Amazon.ca/mx = Sellers: Brightech, Refurbished Lighting

Ebay.com = Seller: brightechinc

Etsy.com = Seller: Brightech

Houzz.com = by Brightech

Walmart.com = Seller: Brightech

See below of a partial list of our external sales partners



Brightech sales by VMExpress = on HomeDepot.com, Newegg.com, Target.com, VMInnovations.com, Google Shopping



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