Some Sockets on My String Light are Not Working

Your lights have been setup, you've screwed in the bulbs, turned it on- and some of the bulbs don't light up! What now?

If you've already tried switching bulbs and determined that the bulbs work fine, then your problem is occurring within the socket, and there is often an easy fix for this.

Occasionally, the metal tab inside the socket gets pushed in a little too much during production, which prevents the bulb from making proper contact with the circuit. 

To fix this:

1. Unplug the light from the electrical outlet (for safety reasons).

2. Pull the metal tab in the socket out just a drop. This will ensure that the metal within the socket is protruding enough to make contact with the bulb, and let the electricity flow. 

3. Screw the bulb back in and reconnect the light to electricity.

This is often the cause of the issue so we hope it will help you as well. If this fix doesn't solve the problem and you have a valid warranty, please get in touch with us here for warranty support.




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