My Brand New String Lights Aren't Working Properly

Your lights have been setup, you've screwed in the bulbs, turned it on- and some of the bulbs don't light up! What now?

First, let's find out where the problem is originating from - the bulbs, or the strand. The easiest way to check this is to take a light bulb from a working socket and put it into the socket that's not lighting up. (For solar strands, you'll need to unscrew the plastic bulb cover from the socket to access the 2-prong filament.)

If the socket lights, we know that the original bulb was bad. If the socket still doesn't light, we know that the problem is with the socket.

If you've determined that some of your bulbs are defective, please contact us for assistance in either replacing the bulb for you under warranty or directing you on where to purchase a replacement.

If the socket is the problem, visit this article for a potential fix for our plug-in strand versions. For solar strands, please contact us for assistance. 




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