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  • We guarantee the delivery in proper condition of all items purchased directly through Brightech, either on www.brightech.com or Brightech's external sales channels. Delivery entails a "delivered" scan by carrier. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages post-delivery. 
    • For problems with delivery or with a product that was received in improper condition or missing parts, but not purchased directly from Brightech, you will be referred to the seller and provider of your item for assistance and correction.
  • The warranty period begins from the order's date of purchase, not from the date gifted or date of first use. 
  • For no-cost warranty coverage, warranty eligibility requires confirmation. We can generally confirm an order with your order number or online receipt. Occasionally, depending on the platform purchased, confirmations may need to be attained through other methods, including but not limited to photos of product codes or a screenshot of purchase details. 

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